Why Cancale?

I’ve been getting a lot of that question lately from new acquaintances and total strangers (met during hours spent in waiting rooms and airports recently). As I recited my answer for what felt like the umpteenth time – I realized it explains why I came to Cancale, not why I’ve stayed. The why-I-came story is pretty straightforward and easy to tell. But the why I’ve stayed? There’s no one reason, really—there are hundreds, everything from the free seafood I get from neighbors and really tasty Camembert I can buy at the supermarket for under $4 (about 3 euros) to the way the light falls on my kitchen counter after a storm. I even kind of like how the drunks weaving home from the nearby bars wake me up on the weekends (Most of the time, I just think ‘Oh, it’s 2 am,’ then roll over and fall back asleep.)

Just about everything I’ve written on My Cancale Kitchen has a ‘Why Cancale?’ response buried somewhere in it, but I’m thinking it’s time to connect the dots and share some of the things—little and large—that keep me here and shape the way I cook and live.

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