I stayed till the cows went home.

But let me back up…to the two cooking demos I did for the Chamber of Agriculture. The demo kitchen was set up smack in the middle of the cows, cows that mooed and bellowed as they waited for their time in the ring where they would be judged on ear shape and udder formation. (There were a couple of donkeys to my left, but they pretty much kept to themselves.)

Since the theme of this year’s fair was California, the recipes I prepared were Californian (more or less) using foods grown and raised in Brittany. There were carrot cupcakes made with carottes de sable—sand carrots grown in the sandy soil in the lowlands near Cancale. There were quesadillas filled with poulet de Janzé–Janzé free-range chickens and Petit Breton cheese. There was shiitake bacon as a nod to my vegetarian food editor/California days. And there was KALE—because kale is starting to make its way into the French food mainstream, thanks to Kristen Beddard and The Kale Project.

There wasn’t much time to take pictures, but here’s what I was able to capture of my time at the fair.

Nougatine, my neighbor in the Agriculture Hall.

On a whim, I decided to melt Petit Breton cheese in the chicken quesadillas I was demonstrating (you know, to stick to the locavore thing), and now I’m a fan. So much so, that when I was introduced to one of the dairy producers who supplies the Petit Breton fromagerie, I had to invite him over to the stand…

And here he is! Olivier along with Emmanuelle (one of his colleagues), making a quesadilla with cubes of Petit Breton cheese made with milk from his cows.

When I asked Olivier if he had any cows at the fair, he said no…but his cows looked like this.

I think she likes the kale chips!

Other fair attendees were unimpressed by my kale skills…These ladies kept their backs turned to me the whole time.

So did these…(They are speckly-spotted Normandes.)

A baseball batting cage at a French fair (OK, so the theme was California, but still…). I had to get in there and see if I could still hit.

See…I wasn’t kidding when I said I stayed till the cows went home.

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