Join me in ‘My Cancale Kitchen’ right in the heart of the harbor for cooking classes that take their inspiration from all the wonderful foods available in the region. Here are the themes for Summer 2020:

Zero-Waste Apéritif

For the French ‘l’apéritif’ is not just a before-dinner drink, it’s a way of life. In this class, you’ll lear how to turn the ingredients you have on hand (or can keep on hand) into delicious cocktail nibbles with a hint of Franco-Breton flair. Then we’ll enjoy our own apéro with a glass of wine or a house cocktail.

Sample menu: Mojitos, white bean hummus with sage, mackerel rillettes, truffled mini mac-and-cheeses, spiced cashews.

PRICE : 35 euros
DATES: 11 August, 23 August, 6pm – 8pm

The Market Table 

The best, freshest, most beautiful ingredients to be found go into this class that allows for all kinds of improvisation…depending on what I find from my favorite market stands and what I gather while foraging the fields, forests, and beaches  in and around Cancale.

Sample menu: Heirloom tomato salad with samphire, Pere Lathuile potato cake with duck confit, rhubarb tarte tatin, and wines from La Cale wine cellar.

PRICE : 65 euros
DATES: 6 August, 22 August, 6pm – 10pm

Catch of the Day

Cancale is best known for its oysters, but Mont-Saint-Michel Bay is brimming with other seafood delicacies: mussels, clams, winkles, spider crabs, mackerel…just to name a few. We’ll prepare the best and the freshest to be found and pair them with seasonal ingredients from small farms nearby.

Sample Menu: Fresh mackerel salad with quick-pickled onions, yellow pollack in américaine-armoricaine sauce, mashed potatoes with sea purslane, plum financier s, Muscadet “Clos des Grands Primos.”

PRICE: 65 euros
DATES: 7 August, 14 August, 27 August, 6pm – 10pm

Vegetarian Cuisine from Mont-Saint-Michel Bay

By the sea, it’s easy to think ONLY of fish and seafood, but in and around Cancale, there’s everything a vegetarian cook could wish for to make lusciously elegant meals. As it turns out, vegetarian cooking is one of my specialties, and I love sharing my tips and secrets. (Note: The classes are suitable for vegans as well)

Sample menu: Red or white gazpacho, vegetable tian, Breton ‘coco’ white beans with sage, homemade bread, vegan chocolate mousse pie.

PRICE: 65 euros
DATES: 12 August, 28 August, 6pm – 10pm

salsa guacamole mexicain tortilla chips fiesta

California Cuisine

Turns out, the Breton coast has everything you need to cook incredible Californian/Mexican food – including chile powders from Les Epices Roellinger. In this class, I draw on my time spent in Los Angeles to bring a little of California to Cancale.

Menu Type/Sample Menu: Margaritas (cocktails), chips & salsa, carnitas enchiladas, guacamole, Mexican rice, salad with chipotle vinaigrette, mini ‘tres leches ‘ cakes.

PRICE: 65 euros
DATES: 20 August, 29 August, 6pm – 10pm

Le Brunch

‘Le Brunch’ is a thing in France now…and this is my Breton-American take on it.

Sample Menu: Buckwheat pancakes with homemade fruit compote, fresh herb omelets, buttermilk scones, mimosas or bloody marys.

PRICE : 65 euros
DATES: 8 August, 17 August, 30 August, 10am – 2pm

Want to sign up?

Send a message with this form, email me at  mycancalekitchen[@] or call +33 O6. In the message pleas specify:

  • The class date you’re interested in
  • Number of people
  • Any dietary restrictions (allergies,  vegetarian, vegan…)

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