Each class has a general theme, but menus vary depending on what looks best at the market that day.

Half the time cooking, the other half enjoying our creations together. I wanted to host an experience that feels like an intimate get-together…or whatever) with an emphasis on sharing more than just recipes and culinary acumen. The classes take place in my home kitchen and we eat around my oak farm table on my collection of Quimper faïence dinnerware. And if the occasion calls for it, I even pull out my great-grandmother’s silver!

Scroll down for the current class themes on offer. And feel free to suggest or request a theme if you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for. The small class size makes it easy to tailor the experience to different tastes and desires.

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– What looks good today?

The best cooks start their meal planning with that question, then go from there. We’ll follow their lead to prepare a bistro-style dinner using the very best local, seasonal products from the markets (and even the supermarkets!) in and around Cancale.


Cancale is best known for its oysters, but Mont-Saint-Michel Bay is brimming with other seafood delicacies: mussels, clams, winkles, spider crabs, mackerel…just to name a few. We’ll prepare the best and the freshest to be found and pair them with seasonal ingredients from small farms nearby.


In a fishing town, it’s easy to forget about all the wonderful ingredients nearby that can be used in vegetarian cuisine. It just so happens that I’m an expert in all things vegetarian – and I love sharing what I know and how it can be applied to local ingredients. (Note: The class is suitable for vegans as well.)


The first thing I do when I’m planning a cocktail hour get-together (or apéro, in French): take stock of what I’ve got in the kitchen to see what I can turn into a luscious banquet of light bites. In this class, you’ll learn how ingredients you have on hand (or keep on hand) – including leftovers – can be used to make easy, elegant nibbles. Then we’ll raise a glass of wine or a homemade cocktail to toast our creations before we taste them.


Geared to introducing the French to the wonderful ways you can make brunch special, this is an ideal class if you’re missing American/English/Irish-style morning meals while in France.

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I’ll have a full schedule of classes ready to go by mid-January. In the meantime, here are a few upcoming themes and dates*:

19/1 American Soul Food (La cuisine du Sud) 18h – 20h30
21/1 Apéro Time! 18h – 20h30
23/1 Le Brunch! 11h – 13h30
26/1 Tea Time! 15h – 17h30
29/1 Le Brunch! 11h – 13h30
30/1 Apéro Time!  (Chinese new year) 18h – 20h30

Dates and times are in French format (day/month) and French (military) time. You’ll need to know how to convert these when you come to France anyhow, so you might as well start now!