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Quince 101

Quince can be a hard sell because…well, everything about quince is hard. The fruit itself isn’t just firm, like a pumpkin. It is dense and murder-weapon hard. (It could easil [...]

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Single-Rise Moroccan Bread

This is the homemade bread recipe for people (like me) who don’t just *love* bread baking. It is easy. It exceeds my expectations for shape, texture, and flavor. The dusky, d [...]

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Santiago Almond Cake

Once in a very rare while, a recipe found via internet search resonates in such a way that it seems Fate has guided the algorithms and web crawlers to bring it to you. That’s [...]

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Bright, Light Sorrel Soup

Sorrel’s lemony taste makes it a springtime (well, anytime for me) herb favorite. The flavor’s a little like rhubarb (to which it is related) only milder and more palatable. [...]

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Rhubarb Tart with Fresh Goat Cheese

I have found the secret to the universe, and it is 8 oz. (200 g.) of fresh goat cheese and 2 eggs. Yes, that is an exaggeration, but when an easy-to-remember ingredient combi [...]

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Extra-Buttery Crust Dough

All credit for this ultra-buttery, easy-to-work-with dough goes to my friend Donna Meadows, the best pastry chef I know. In addition to being extra rich and flaky without any [...]

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My All-Time Favorite Chocolate Cake

Dense, rich, not too sweet...this is the chocolate cake I have requested for my birthday ever since I can remember. The original version (more on this distinction below) is c [...]

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What to Do with Sour Milk

I can’t stop talking about sour milk—and how wonderful it is to bake with. I have been dallying with the concept of cooking with sour milk since reading this line from food w [...]

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(Irish) Scones

I’m taking the liberty of calling these ‘Irish Scones’ after they got the ‘Just like my Granny’s!’ seal of approval from my Irish friend Janet. (I also think of them as Irish [...]

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