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Ateliers de cuisine / Cooking Classes

🇫🇷 Atelier de Cuisine + Table d’Hôte = Le Supper Club! Inspirée par les tables d’hôtes éphémères (supper clubs), une soirée moitié atelier de cuisine, moitié table d’hôte...entièrement insolite et joyeuse. 🇺🇸 Join me for a cooking/dining experience that features the best Cancale has to offer. LE [...]



Quince 101

Quince can be a hard sell because…well, everything about quince is hard. The fruit itself isn’t just firm, like a pumpkin. It is dense and murder-weapon hard. (It could easil [...]

Easy: Healthy: French

Extra-Buttery Crust Dough

All credit for this ultra-buttery, easy-to-work-with dough goes to my friend Donna Meadows, the best pastry chef I know. In addition to being extra rich and flaky without any [...]

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Small Batch Ginger Nuts

Ginger nuts are a British cookie/biscuit that are made with golden syrup, a thick, sweet liquid that keeps them tender. Because not everyone has access to golden syrup (thoug [...]

cuisine anti-gaspi

Salade Panzanella

Cette ‘salade de pain’ italienne est archi-addictive - et une merveille de la cuisine anti-gaspi.  4 belles tomates, coupées en morceaux 1 litre de cubes de pain rassis 1 oig [...]

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Quatre-Quarts au blé noir/sarrasin

En remplaçant un tiers de la farine dans une recette traditionnelle de quatre-quarts avec la farine de blé noir (sarrasin), on obtient un gâteau fin, léger et moelleux qui es [...]

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