I’m not very good at these self-promotional blurbs or biographies, but here goes:

For over ten years, I was the food editor for Vegetarian Times magazine, which means the “body of my work” so to speak, can be found in the features, articles, and recipes published between 2005 and 2016. (You’ll find links to a few below). During that time, I also edited two cookbooks for Vegetarian Times, wrote a cookbook of my own in French, Le Tour de Bretagne in 80 desserts (which I’m hoping to reissue soon in French and in English!), taught cooking classes, interpreted for French chefs, and did a host of other odd jobs pertaining to food and cooking.

I’m currently working on several book proposals (fingers crossed…) and freelancing any chance I get.  Writing a blog doesn’t pay the rent, nor does it put butter in your spinach (as they say in French: “mettre du beurre dans les épinards”). Check out some of the things I can do on a freelance or contract basis.

Writing Food, travel and lifestyle articles, cookbooks, restaurant reviews
Recipe Development
Cooking Classes
Menu planning, product development, marketing
Editing Cookbooks, online and print articles

Specialty Cooking 
Pastry Arts, Vegetarian and Vegan Cuisine, Gluten-Free Cooking, Diet and Weight-Loss Recipes



Want to see more examples of what I’ve written? Here’s a selection of articles, interviews, and features.

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