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Umami Cooking for Covid Recovery

In this 1-hour online webinar, I'll talk about the meals I made to help a close friend recover his sense of taste and smell. I'll explain how I focused on foods with umami to stimulate his palate so that even when he couldn't taste anything, his sensory receptors were being retrained. 

2021-04-15T18:04:50-04:000 Comments

Apéro Anti-Gaspi / No-Waste Cocktail Party

🇫🇷 Première étape dans l’organisation d’un apéro : inventaire de la cuisine afin de voir ce qu’on peut transformer en petit banquet d’hors d’œuvres. Dans cet atelier, vous app [...]

2021-08-06T04:17:31-04:00Comments Off on Apéro Anti-Gaspi / No-Waste Cocktail Party
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