Quince Jelly (for jelly novices)

There are few kitchen tasks as rewarding as making quince jelly. Some fruit, some water, some sugar; a strainer, a saucepan, a hot burner…and then the magic happens. First th [...]

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Single-Rise Moroccan Bread

This is the homemade bread recipe for people (like me) who don’t just *love* bread baking. It is easy. It exceeds my expectations for shape, texture, and flavor. The dusky, d [...]

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Scones irlandais

Je me permets d’appeler ces scones ‘irlandais’ depuis que Janet, ma copine irlandaise, a proclamé qu’ils étaient ‘comme ceux de ma grand-mère.’ En effet, je cherchais les sav [...]

2019-03-15T11:16:48+00:001 Comment

(Irish) Scones

I’m taking the liberty of calling these ‘Irish Scones’ after they got the ‘Just like my Granny’s!’ seal of approval from my Irish friend Janet. (I also think of them as Irish [...]

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Sloe Gin Kir Royal

Sloe gin replaces the traditional crème de cassis in the iconic French aperitif. This one falls in the category of ‘Why didn’t I think of it before?’ I love the idea of sloe [...]

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