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Fennel Frond Pesto

Wild fennel grows everywhere along the coast near Cancale, and it's become quite a thing for local chefs to add 'fenouillette' to their dishes. I first made this recipe as a [...]

2023-07-14T04:00:58-04:000 Comments

Quince Newtons

Once, when I was in my 20’s, I tried to make my own fig bars. They were a whole lotta work for precious little pay-off because they didn’t look or taste anywhere near as good [...]

2022-11-14T04:09:47-05:001 Comment

Wild Garlic Pesto

This stuff is GOOD. It’s probably the best way to preserve wild garlic. I chose to use walnuts here because their flavor wouldn’t overpower the rest the way other nuts might [...]

2023-04-06T04:56:19-04:000 Comments

Zucchini Pickles

After polishing off the better part of a friend’s jar of zucchini pickles all by myself, I set about to make my own. Hers were a touch too sweet for my taste, so I halved the [...]

2021-09-16T02:53:32-04:000 Comments

Sage Pesto

In my garden (if you can call 3 large planters a garden), there is never enough basil and always too much sage. Ergo: Sage pesto. The secret to using sage - or any other non- [...]

2021-12-16T01:18:24-05:000 Comments

Quince Jelly

There are few kitchen tasks as rewarding as making quince jelly. Some fruit, some water, some sugar; a strainer, a saucepan, a hot burner…and then the magic happens. First th [...]

2022-11-15T04:42:52-05:000 Comments

Cooking Quince, Made Easy

Quince can be a hard sell because…well, everything about quince is hard. The fruit itself isn’t just firm, like a pumpkin. It is dense and murder-weapon hard. (It could easil [...]

2021-04-19T10:24:41-04:006 Comments

Whole Apple Applesauce

This I discovered when making apple butter. The process calls for cooking quartered, unpeeled apples—cores, seeds and all—until they break down into a mush, then sieving that [...]

2021-04-20T07:41:46-04:001 Comment

Preserved Lemons

Most preserved lemon recipes call for cutting the lemons almost into quarters, stuffing the centers with salt, then squeezing the lemons into jars. I made them this way for m [...]

2023-04-22T15:50:37-04:000 Comments
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