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Spring Vegetable Minestrone

Minestrone can be anything you want it to be with any vegetables you happen to have on hand. Fresh tomatoes will make it light and brothy, canned tomatoes will make it thicke [...]

2021-05-06T08:38:39-04:000 Comments

Wild Herb Pesto

Finally found a way to make the luscious flavors of wild spring herbs last and last…at least until summery basil gets underway. This sauce can be used any way you’d use pesto [...]

2021-05-06T08:52:42-04:000 Comments

Old-Fashioned Clam Dip

I made gallons of this during when I was a teenager and had a part-time job at a seafood store. It is as retro as it gets…and so very good! (I used to "clean" the bowl I used [...]

2021-04-30T03:55:35-04:000 Comments

Caldo Verde

Caldo verde, a Portuguese soup made with sausage, potatoes, and collards (or kale, in my version) is peasant food at its finest: simple, fragrant, and filling. I cannot stop [...]

2022-12-15T05:08:19-05:000 Comments

Chocolate Chip Cookies ‘Lafayette’

My chocolate chip cookie recipe is just one of thousands upon thousands out there in the world—but it does have a few aspects that make it dear to me. The first is that it is [...]

2021-05-13T07:22:56-04:000 Comments
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