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Ranch Dressing Chez Moi

Living abroad for an extended period of time inevitably means missing—and craving—many foods you once took for granted. Many wouldn’t even make your top ten list of favorite [...]

2021-10-13T07:51:38-04:000 Comments


No, that’s not pesto slathered all over a baked sweet potato, it’s zhoug, a spicy Yemeni herb paste made with parsley and cilantro that’s popular throughout the Middle East. [...]

2021-06-16T02:51:37-04:000 Comments

Herbes de Provence

In France, I swear by Ducros, the supermarket brand of herbes de Provence. The balance of herbs is nigh on perfect—not too pungent, not too bitter, not too floral (the occasi [...]

2018-01-10T16:33:29-05:000 Comments

“Gin Martini” Green Olive Tapenade

Southern France, meet the American South, or at least the South I know where summer evenings smell of heat, humidity, freshly-mown grass…and gin. When I was little, the gin s [...]

2021-04-19T01:11:29-04:000 Comments

Soy-Sesame Marinated Asparagus

Oh…the happy discoveries a lazy cook can sometimes make! I put together this sauce to go with steamed asparagus for a radio segment I did on Saturday morning. (If you want to [...]

2021-03-17T13:30:37-04:000 Comments

Salsa Esmeralda

Salsa verde is unbelievably easy to make.Salsa verde is also unbelievably easy to screw up if you’re not careful about the chiles. Let’s say I wasn’t. Let’s say I roasted a s [...]

2021-03-20T05:41:47-04:002 Comments
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