Ready to join in the fun with me here in Cancale? The upcoming classes (or ateliers, as they’re called in French) are listed below. Booking is easy to do online via PayPal or credit card payment. There are just a couple of things to know before you book:

What we’ll cook: Menus vary according to theme, season, and what looks freshest at the local markets and farm stands that week. Be sure to let me know if you have any dietary restrictions –  the small class size makes it easy to tailor the experience to different tastes and desires. Aprons, knives, kitchen utensils, ingredients, and beverages are all included. Wear comfortable shoes (you’ll be on your feet in the kitchen) and bring a pen if you want to take notes.

Age Limit/Kid Policy: I absolutely love cooking with kids, but the ateliers are not designed for mixed-age groups. Sixteen (16) is the participant age limit, unless the atelier is for a private group or otherwise specified.