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Homemade Ginger Beer

Two ginger beer bottles. On the right, a heavy, well-worn, barnacled specimen dredged from the deep off Saint-Malo... a little research showed to be a ginger beer bottle from E&W Guppy, a beverage maker on the isle of Guernsey, from somewhere between 1933 and 1954. (Pretty cool, huh?!) In the c [...]


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Easy: Healthy: French

How to dry wild (or shiitake) mushrooms

Before.... After successfully drying a surplus of chanterelles (shared by a neighbor) by setting them on top of a warm radiator, I thought the same technique would work for [...]


Mushroom Broth (with stems and ends)

Why toss out the brown ends and tough stems of those mushrooms you use when turning them into a rich, flavorful broth is as simple as setting them to boil in some water for a [...]

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Secret Soup Saver

Another blustery day, another batch of soup. Tout simple: leeks, squash, some garlic, and a single potato. That combo usually works just fine for a weekday soup, but this tim [...]

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