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Bring Back Le Bricolin!

Long before kale got its cult following in France, Brittany had le bricolin. Also called cow or rabbit cabbage (chou à vache, chou à lapin) because it was mostly grown to fee [...]

2021-04-19T14:01:11-04:000 Comments

Life Gets In the Way

A glorious ending...Dessert at Le Coquillage/Château Richeux rounds out the extended holiday season. A funny thing happens when you’re a non-professional (and unprofessiona [...]

2021-04-19T14:16:28-04:002 Comments

Why is my rhubarb green?

I will never dispute the superior quality of the rhubarb I buy from *my* vegetable stand at the farmers’ market in Saint-Malo, but I’ve always found its color disappointing. [...]

2021-04-20T10:23:56-04:003 Comments

Village Life on the Port de la Houle

I live in a village. Cancale proper is a town of about 6000 people, but le Port de la Houle is a little warren of narrow streets and stone houses with a year-round population [...]

2021-04-20T10:53:27-04:007 Comments
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