A glorious ending…Dessert at Le Coquillage/Château Richeux rounds out the extended holiday season.

A funny thing happens when you’re a non-professional (and unprofessional, it could be said in this case) blogger. With no obligations, deadlines or discernible income for blog posts, it’s very, very easy to slack off, not write them, just sort of let ‘life get in the way.’

That’s pretty much what has happened this past month or so…and there was plenty of life to get in the way. I traveled to the US and spent Christmas with friends and family (always a busy time). I came back to France for two glorious weeks with a dear friend, which included celebrating New Year’s on the island of Guernsey. Then there was work—real work, paid work, work with deadlines—that needed to be done. During all this, I was eating and cooking, traipsing about and marveling over the things I usually marvel over…only I wasn’t writing about it here.

As a catch-up, I’ve put together a small collection of photos from my December 2018 – mid-January 2019 adventures. Recipes and stories to follow….